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Message from The Principal, Tharaka University College

Prof. Peter K. Muriungi, PhD


To be an adaptive centre of excellence in teaching, research, innovation and outreach for societal transformation.


To create a strong knowledge base through teaching, research and innovation and to disseminate this knowledge to produce all rounded graduates with problem solving skills for positive societal transformation

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Meet your Deputy Principals

Prof. Veronica Nyaga, PhD - Deputy Principal (Academic, Research and Student Affairs)
I warmly welcome you to Tharaka University College. Congratulations on your admission to this preferred University College where our Motto is,” Education for Freedom.” I am delighted to join all staff, students and guest speakers in this orientation period. Orientation of students is a very important exercise. It gives the student knowledge of the university environment and academic experiences. Therefore, we wish to prepare you for online academic experience since we cannot meet you physically due to the challenges brought about by COVID – 19 pandemic.
Tharaka University College will endeavor to make the online mode of learning exciting and of high quality.
The aim of the University College is to provide holistic education for the students in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility. You are joining the University education with talents and potentials. Our hope as Tharaka University College family, is that the intellectual journey which you are embarking on will be marked by freedom of inquiry and interminable search for the truth. Our faculties and staff are dedicated professionals who excel in connecting with students and provide quality education experiences. They will help you to succeed.
As the Deputy Principal in charge of Academics, Research and Student Affairs (ARSA), l am energized and prepared for what we have to offer and the many opportunities that await us in training our students. You should be prepared to leave the university academic setting as competent professionals and great leaders in public service.
I look forward to meeting with you when that time comes for more physical academic experiences and interactions.
May God protect everyone.
Prof. Levi Musalia, PhD - Deputy Principal (Administration, Finance and Planning)
We are pleased to welcome you to this new world of academia at Tharaka University College.
You are the people that our country Kenya and indeed the whole world has hope in driving the national and global development agenda. Thank you for coming.
Our task is to make it possible to provide practical, step by step assistance to affordable education as we evolve to be a centre of excellence in academics, research and innovation. We also take keen interest in the welfare of students to enable them express their full academic potential. We need you as much as you need us and this is why we are so happy to have you join us here at Tharaka University College
The Division of Administration, Finance and Planning offers support services for effective management of core academic, research and community outreach activities of the University College. It is charged with the management of the finance, personnel, estates, hospitality, health,transport, development and assets of the University College.
The Division provides standardized services to our customers to achieve the mission and objectives of the university. Our ultimate goal is to create and maintain a conducive work environment for optimal output. The following departments fall under this Division; Human resource, Procurement, Finance, Medical, Estates and Transport.

Office of the Dean of Students

Interact with key sections of the Office of The Dean Of Students
Dr. Shadrack Munanu - Dean of Students
It is our great joy to receive you and to provide you with the necessary needed environment for your educational, career and holistic development.
Orientation is an indispensable programme for all students joining the University. You receive clear information about academic resources, class registration, and campus resources among others.
Orientation introduces you with information to your respective faculties, departments and academic programmes and student welfare support services. Students are also provided with policies and procedures, friendly rules and regulations adhered to in Tharaka University College.
We are looking forward to your full participation in this virtual orientation period. Kindly keep safe till we meet in our Campus in due course. Thank you and God bless you.

Office of Career Services

Mrs. Maureen Ndagara Mwiti

Mrs. Maureen Mwiti
Welcome to Tharaka University College where your Success Starts. Career Services is a portion of your success team that will help you experience all that this divine Tharaka University College has to offer. Our Divine University College offers you a good environment to build your foundation for long term success and the Career Services team is here to help guide you.
Tharaka University College Office of Career Services (OCS) serves students, alumni and employers through a variety of services. OCS in partnership with Faculty Career Advisors (FCA), Student Career Ambassadors(SCA) and other stakeholders is dedicated to helping students identify, pursue, and excel within their desired industry. After graduation, some of you will enter the world of work immediately, some will go directly to postgraduate studies or professional schools and others will be looking for jobs. Our programs and services prepare students for the internship and job search process while also equipping them with the knowledge necessary to succeed in their first position after Tharaka University College. We offer students, in all stages of their education, career counseling and assessments, Curriculum Vitae and cover letter reviews, job search advice and more.
The goal of Tharaka University College OCS is to produce career ready graduates by playing a leadership role in cultivating an integrated, community approach to career preparation. We assist students, alumni and employers in making networks.
Due to COVID-19 pandemic and the guidelines from the ministry of education, the Office of Career Services will be offering online career services to students in a virtual format.

Guidance and Counselling

Meet your Registrars

Meet the Registrars of Tharaka University College

(Administratration and Planning)

Mr. Edward Kathuni

(Academic Affairs)

Mr. John Kiplangat

Meet your Deans

Meet Deans from the Four Faculties of Tharaka University College

Faculty of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean - Prof. Veronica Nyaga, PhD

Welcome to the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (FEHSS). The Faculty is anchored on the frameworks of commitment and integrity by the staff in pursuit of academic excellence.
We offer indomitable springboards for Training, Research, and Knowledge dissemination geared to social transformation and holistic development of competent professionals. Faculty of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences is an excellent choice to development of a successful career. The students not only get the latest learning materials within the University but also have many opportunities for experiential learning and real world application of acquired knowledge. Thus we offer competitive programmes endowed with appropriate and relevant practical skills.
The Faculty Hubs an Ultra-Modern Learning Resource Centre with smart boards, e-learning support platforms and dynamic practicum references.
Moreover, the faculty is also guided by the Principles of continuous improvement of services and products, gender equity, and prudent use of natural resources for sustainable environment. Our faculty is friendly, welcoming and supportive.

Faculty of Life Sciences and Natural Resources

Dean - Prof. Levi Musalia

Faculty of Life Sciences and Natural Resources Management (FLIN) was established in 2019 to strengthen the niche area of the University College focusing on dryland farming and mining. The faculty endeavours to be a key player in the national development agenda enshrined in vision 2030 and “The Big Four” by producing graduates with skills and competences in sustainable food production and prudent use of natural resources for food security and poverty alleviation.
The Faculty appreciates that farming and natural resources utilization are the backbone for industrialization that must be based on science and technology whose sustainability requires sound environmental management practices. The faculty has set itself on a roadmap to grow into a world leading Faculty of Life Sciences and Natural Resources Management.
We have animal and crop demonstration units, that offer practical skills to ensure our graduates are competitive in the market. Our students also get more practical exposure through field trips and field attachment. Apart from professional training in the relevant programs there are entrepreneurial courses for preparing our students for self-employment. The faculty offers a conducive work environment that is student-centred and interactive. Students will find more opportunities in the faculty in developing their career for employment.
The Faculty has one Department of Dryland Farming and Natural Resources that focuses in dry land animal, horticultural and crop farming, agro-forestry, environmental management, hospitality, wildlife enterprise & eco-tourism.

Faculty of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Ag. Dean - Ms. Fidelis Ngugi

The mission of the Faculty of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology (FPET) is to explore the fundamental laws of the universe and developed pioneering technologies to tackle national and global challenges. This is in line with the University College vision and mission as elaborated in the Strategic Plan.
The objectives of the Faculty are; to promote high quality services and training in science and technology to our students; to coordinate teaching and learning activities in various departments in the faculty; to facilitate research and innovation in science and technology for social and economic development; to improve governance, leadership and management of faculty affairs and to attract and train highly motivated staff in science disciplines.
The Faculty currently has two departments. Department of Basic Sciences and Department of Computer Science & ICT. The Faculty is privileged to have modern science laboratories with modern equipment and computer laboratories with state of the art computers with internet access provided across the campus with strategically located wireless access points for internet access which enhance the quality of training.

Faculty of Business Studies

Mr. Justo Simiyu

The Faculty of Business Studies endeavours to develop competent and morally upright business managers to manage the increasingly globalised business and economic environment. Our Faculty vision,  which is in line with Tharaka University college vision, is to be a world class Centre of excellence in provision of quality teaching, research, and outreach services in the areas of Business and Economics for effective management of Businesses and Economies. We strife to achieve the world class standards in higher education through offering highly quality market driven academic programmes at certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We also host a KASNEB Centre to enable our students undertake their professional courses alongside their diploma or degree programmes with a lot of ease.
The faculty has one department (Department of Business Administration) that has a team of highly specialized and competent lecturers that not only provide lectures to our students but also offers them academic advisory services. Our well trained graduates are equipped with entrepreneurship knowledge and skills to enable them participate actively in achieving the economic pillar of vision 2030. We offer equal opportunities to both staff and students irrespective of their various backgrounds.

Meet your Directors

Directorate of Open, Distance and E-learning and ICT Services

Mr. Kevin Tuei

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the 2020/2021 First Year students to Tharaka University College. As stated in motto “Education for Freedom”, the ODeL Directorate has the mandate to provide you quality and effective education in a flexible learning model regardless of where you are located in the globe by aligning University College Programmes for online delivery.
This new era of learning is made possible through a strong combination of state-of-the-art virtual learning facilities, easy to use Online Learning Management System and a dedicated support team to ensure that online delivery of your learning is seamless and effortless.
Our courses are offered in two main modes: Fully online learning and blended learning (combination of web-based and face-to-face learning). In light of the prevailing situation in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ODEL Directorate has put in place measures to ensure that your learning is not hindered by the pandemic.
The materials for online learning are developed and continuously improved by our trained and qualified instructional designers who work hand-in-hand with your lecturers to make your learning as interactive and engaging as possible.
Students in Science and Technical subjects have also been well catered for through recorded laboratory simulations, live demonstrations, virtual laboratories and interactive do-it-yourself activities.
All this is made possible through our state-of-the-art Learning Resource Center and eLearning Studio equipped with Smartboards and high-end Camera
We also have a fully fledged Computer Academy to provide staff and students with the critical IT Essentials and Computer Networking training to provide effective hands-on practical skills.
Assessments are conducted as per the regulations and guidelines stipulated by the University College and the Commission for University Education to ensure there is evidence of quality learning.
The Directorate works closely with the Quality Assurance Team to ensure your class schedules are strictly adhered to and quality checks are in place for learners to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
All staff and students are trained every TWO weeks on how to make use of the E-learning facilities provided by the University College. A premium support webpage, dedicated email, SMS line and WhatsApp numbers to handle all your enquiries.
We have also developed and continue to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), training manuals, pre-recorded training videos, live trainings and Question and Answer sessions to ensure that we hold your “hand” every step of the way to your dream career.
Once again, we welcome you to Tharaka University College and we look forward to meeting you in the virtual classrooms.
Well-equipped Computer Laboratories
Ultra-modern Smartboard
The mandate of the Computer Science and ICT department is to provide quality holistic training in Computer Science, develop and improve the university ICT infrastructure and to provide essential ICT training to students and staff across all departments and sections.

The CSICT department also provides ICT technical support and consultancy to university staff in order to ensure effective and efficient utilization of the ICT facilities within the University College.

The University College is equipped with several ICT facilities: We have well-equipped state of the art computer labs with internet access provided across the campus with strategically located wireless access points for internet access. We have successfully implemented an ERP system to ensure you can effectively register and access information regarding your fees, units and results online. We have partnered with Google to provide
our students with institutional accounts through which you can access your virtual classrooms for online learning.

In collaboration with the ODEL Directorate, we have also partnered with CISCO through the Cisco Academy Program to provide you with qualified instructors and the latest technologies for hand-on application of practical skills at our new Cisco Academy Laboratory. We also incubate your ideas and innovations in alignment with the mandate of the University College to promote research and innovation

The Department is also tasked with providing, managing and securing the university IT systems. We provide all our staff and students with Cybersecurity Awareness Training to ensure they stay safe online just as you are staying safe physically during this unprecedented global pandemic.

Directorate of Examinations and Timetabling

Mr. Faustine Muchui

Board of Undergraduate Studies and Field Attachment

Mr. John Kiplangat

Board of Postgraduate Studies and Research

Dr. David Kiptui

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